a Boon for Kanyakumari Real Estate Business

Real estate is one of the fast growing businesses in Kanyakumari district. With the increase in population, many agricultural lands are rehabilitated into house plots. Nowadays people in Kanyakumari are looking for good lands suitable for agriculture and construction of homes & commercial buildings.

The growth of information technology has taken the real estate business to a higher level. Nowadays, there are lots of websites for real estate businesses. There are many such websites in India too, which covers all states of the country.

Recently I came across a website, which is exclusively for Kanyakumari real estate business. I hope that, is a lot helpful for all real estate brokers and individuals of Kanyakumari district. covers all the main places of Kanyakumari district. Moreover, the properties are listed under 5 main categories in

1. Agricultural Land
2. House Plots
3. Commercial lands
4. House
5. Commercial Building

The real estate website is designed to be user friendly. They have introduced a cutting edge technology named ‘mobile sms enquiry’ for property enquiries. Through ‘sms enquiry’, everyone can easily contact the property owners quickly by sending sms directly to their mobile.

I feel that is a boon to all the people of Kanyakumari, who are interested in real estate business.

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Tamil is a sweet language to speech and learn. Once upon a time only English fonts are used in computers. Later Tamil fonts also be introduced. They help to read and type Tamil letters in computer. At that time only few number of Tamil fonts are in computer field. But now there are lots of Tamil fonts are available to help our Tamil typing. These Tamil fonts also help to choose and change our styles of letters as we wish.

Tamil typing in computer keyboard is tough. Because the keys are in English, so identifying a key for a Tamil letter is very very difficult. I here by given a easy way to learning Tamil fonts, especially Tamil Aiswarya . The above details are same as for the following Tamil fonts also. Only the style has been changed in each font but the keys are same.

  • Tamil Aiswarya
  • Tamil Amutham
  • Tamil Ananthi
  • Tamil Aswini
  • Tamil Balamurugan
  • Tamil Bharani
  • Tamil Bharathi
  • Tamil Brindha
  • Tamil Chitra
  • Tamil Crystal
  • Tamil Dayana
  • Tamil Dhanya
  • Tamil Dharani
  • Tamil Diamond
  • Tamil Divya
  • Tamil Everest
  • Tamil Emerald
  • Tamil Gokul
  • Tamil Gold
  • Tamil Gomethagam
  • Tamil Hybiscus

By clicking the above figure you can get a large view. Before going to try these details, install any one of the above listed Tamil fonts in your system.

Mostly many of the people don’t know about how to type the Tamil letters using Tamil fonts. In first time I also feel very difficult to use Tamil fonts. So I and my friend Jeno planned to learn about the Tamil fonts. There after we start to collect details about all Tamil letters equal to the English button in computer keyboard.

Finally we prepared a good list, which helps to easily learn the Tamil fonts everyone. Here I produce that list in the top of this blog for helps to everyone. I hope that this blog helps, those who are try to learn Tamil typing.

If you feel this blog is useful to you please post your comments. These details are gathered by me and my friend Jeno by our practicals..................... Use it............................

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AMAZING BOOK - It will Reply

We had lots of books and also we read many types of books in different categories. Books help to improve our knowledge. Really books are one of the living treasures in everyone’s life.

Basically books are only in readable format. But I saw one Amazing book in internet. It will answer all of my questions and also chat with me, as a friend. I’m very excited about that book, because it’s a new type of book. Basically it is software, but me it’s a new one.

By clicking this ---> Talking Book <--- we can visible that book.

After open the above page, type anything on the right side where we can see the cursor. After typing, wait a second for reply from the book. There also an option for choosing our language as English, French, German or Italian.

If we ask some questions to a person continuously, he must tired after one level. But this book won’t tired about our questions. It always answer what we type. Chatting with this book helps to improve our communication skills also.

Make sure in, our typing words are correct and also do not make spelling too good!!!!

Ok start chatting and Enjoy with Book Friend.!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our Cricketers

The following are some of the reasons given by our great Indian team Cricketers for their bad performances in World Cup-2007 and also they give some suggestion for best performance in future,

Dravid: There are three stumps, so we easily goes to bold. If ICC decrease the stumps as one we must score good runs without bold.

Dhoni: The ball is very small so it is difficult to guess the ball when batting. So I suggest International Cricket Council to change the ball size as big.

Shewag: The ground size is so big so our players give catch when try for six. So the ICC must decrease the ground size in future matches.

Sachin: The fielders in the ground, blocks all our shots. So it is difficult to score runs. So ICC ask the fielders to field only on outside of the boundary line.

Chappel: If ICC allowed India directly to played in Final match with Bermuda, India must take World Cup and also makes many World Records.

The above image and the Lyrics(in Tamil) was designed by my friend Jeno. I translate it to English.

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My Pets

Mostly all of them love pets. We share our love, time and feelings with them. Spending time with pets help to refresh our tight mind to fresh one.

Based on every one's taste pets are differ from person to person. Its varies like animals, birds, fish etc. I also very interested in making pets.

I have two pet animals. The both of them are dogs.The name of my pets are Julie and Stuffy. Stuffy's body has long hairs. It's increase the beauty to it. Stuffy is very younger with compared to Julie. Stuffy was more interested in cycle travelling and swimming.

Daily I had played with my pets. The one of the most interesting game we played is " Police and Thief". I'm as the thief, hide some where. My pet stuffy as the police try to find me by smelling my foot smell. Finally its find me.

If I ready to get out of my home my pets faces are become sad. when I returned to home they show their happiness by jumped around me and kissing me. I love my pets very much. They also love me. The time with my pets gives an unlimited happiness to me.
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Wondering Tree

Laal Park- Its one of the famous park in Bangalore. I got one chance to visit that park. Really its so nice and so beautiful. In that park I had seen varieties of flowers, plants and trees. There I feel the real beauty of nature.

Overall of that park, a tree affect me very much. The width of that trees trunk is so large. That tree is not so tall but the roots are so big. It is the first time I saw a tree like this. Based on me that tree is a wondering one.

If anyone goes to Bangalore please visit Laal Park especially that wondering tree. Because it is the sweetest place for relaxation and also to feel the beauty of nature.
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Monkeys Love

One time I went to Okanekkal water falls with my friends. After visiting the falls we sit in a bridge and enjoy the nature. At that time I saw one monkey with his child climbing from tree to tree. That monkey took the small child with its stomach and jumping from tree to tree.

The climbing scene is so thrill to me because I'm frightened about the small monkey. I think that it was going to fall from its mothers hand. But the small one caught its mother body tightly.

When that Monkey saw our gang it come nearer slowly and sit within a small distance. We through some biscuits and groundnut. First the monkey eat with some fear. But later it comes so nearer to us and start to play. We give some fruits and sweets to it. The mother monkey share its food with child. The food sharing scene is so beautiful.

On that day I feel a animal's love with its child. Finally we leave that place with out interest. In my life that few minutes gives an unforgettable experience to me........................
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My visit to Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is one of the very important place to visit by everyone. That palace is built by the great Emperor Thippusultan. The architecture and that palace structure excite everyone those who visit that palace. It shows India's hails to the world.

I like that palace very much. I'm exciting about our ancestors interest in arts and architecture. The arts in the wall of that palace is very very beautiful. The palace fully painted with herbal paints. Really Mysore palace is good place for tourist and also architecture students.
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Jeno ---> is a sweet name. But this name affect me very much.

The name
Jeno enter in my life with a short period but in my life it gives me a unlimited happiness.

Now without this name Jeno I have no life............Ya he is my Best Friend..........In the back of every persons victory have another one person but to me it is Jeno.

Jeno always care for me. When I reading his mail it gives very happiness to me. He guide, advise and teach me in lot of my critical situation.

For me Jeno is one of the biggest boon in my life..........................
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Welcome to my Blogs

Hello the following are my blog list. I welcomes everyone to visit my blogs.

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