Our Cricketers

The following are some of the reasons given by our great Indian team Cricketers for their bad performances in World Cup-2007 and also they give some suggestion for best performance in future,

Dravid: There are three stumps, so we easily goes to bold. If ICC decrease the stumps as one we must score good runs without bold.

Dhoni: The ball is very small so it is difficult to guess the ball when batting. So I suggest International Cricket Council to change the ball size as big.

Shewag: The ground size is so big so our players give catch when try for six. So the ICC must decrease the ground size in future matches.

Sachin: The fielders in the ground, blocks all our shots. So it is difficult to score runs. So ICC ask the fielders to field only on outside of the boundary line.

Chappel: If ICC allowed India directly to played in Final match with Bermuda, India must take World Cup and also makes many World Records.

The above image and the Lyrics(in Tamil) was designed by my friend Jeno. I translate it to English.