AMAZING BOOK - It will Reply

We had lots of books and also we read many types of books in different categories. Books help to improve our knowledge. Really books are one of the living treasures in everyone’s life.

Basically books are only in readable format. But I saw one Amazing book in internet. It will answer all of my questions and also chat with me, as a friend. I’m very excited about that book, because it’s a new type of book. Basically it is software, but me it’s a new one.

By clicking this ---> Talking Book <--- we can visible that book.

After open the above page, type anything on the right side where we can see the cursor. After typing, wait a second for reply from the book. There also an option for choosing our language as English, French, German or Italian.

If we ask some questions to a person continuously, he must tired after one level. But this book won’t tired about our questions. It always answer what we type. Chatting with this book helps to improve our communication skills also.

Make sure in, our typing words are correct and also do not make spelling too good!!!!

Ok start chatting and Enjoy with Book Friend.!!!!!!!!!!!