Tamil is a sweet language to speech and learn. Once upon a time only English fonts are used in computers. Later Tamil fonts also be introduced. They help to read and type Tamil letters in computer. At that time only few number of Tamil fonts are in computer field. But now there are lots of Tamil fonts are available to help our Tamil typing. These Tamil fonts also help to choose and change our styles of letters as we wish.

Tamil typing in computer keyboard is tough. Because the keys are in English, so identifying a key for a Tamil letter is very very difficult. I here by given a easy way to learning Tamil fonts, especially Tamil Aiswarya . The above details are same as for the following Tamil fonts also. Only the style has been changed in each font but the keys are same.

  • Tamil Aiswarya
  • Tamil Amutham
  • Tamil Ananthi
  • Tamil Aswini
  • Tamil Balamurugan
  • Tamil Bharani
  • Tamil Bharathi
  • Tamil Brindha
  • Tamil Chitra
  • Tamil Crystal
  • Tamil Dayana
  • Tamil Dhanya
  • Tamil Dharani
  • Tamil Diamond
  • Tamil Divya
  • Tamil Everest
  • Tamil Emerald
  • Tamil Gokul
  • Tamil Gold
  • Tamil Gomethagam
  • Tamil Hybiscus

By clicking the above figure you can get a large view. Before going to try these details, install any one of the above listed Tamil fonts in your system.

Mostly many of the people don’t know about how to type the Tamil letters using Tamil fonts. In first time I also feel very difficult to use Tamil fonts. So I and my friend Jeno planned to learn about the Tamil fonts. There after we start to collect details about all Tamil letters equal to the English button in computer keyboard.

Finally we prepared a good list, which helps to easily learn the Tamil fonts everyone. Here I produce that list in the top of this blog for helps to everyone. I hope that this blog helps, those who are try to learn Tamil typing.

If you feel this blog is useful to you please post your comments. These details are gathered by me and my friend Jeno by our practicals..................... Use it............................