Monkeys Love

One time I went to Okanekkal water falls with my friends. After visiting the falls we sit in a bridge and enjoy the nature. At that time I saw one monkey with his child climbing from tree to tree. That monkey took the small child with its stomach and jumping from tree to tree.

The climbing scene is so thrill to me because I'm frightened about the small monkey. I think that it was going to fall from its mothers hand. But the small one caught its mother body tightly.

When that Monkey saw our gang it come nearer slowly and sit within a small distance. We through some biscuits and groundnut. First the monkey eat with some fear. But later it comes so nearer to us and start to play. We give some fruits and sweets to it. The mother monkey share its food with child. The food sharing scene is so beautiful.

On that day I feel a animal's love with its child. Finally we leave that place with out interest. In my life that few minutes gives an unforgettable experience to me........................