My Pets

Mostly all of them love pets. We share our love, time and feelings with them. Spending time with pets help to refresh our tight mind to fresh one.

Based on every one's taste pets are differ from person to person. Its varies like animals, birds, fish etc. I also very interested in making pets.

I have two pet animals. The both of them are dogs.The name of my pets are Julie and Stuffy. Stuffy's body has long hairs. It's increase the beauty to it. Stuffy is very younger with compared to Julie. Stuffy was more interested in cycle travelling and swimming.

Daily I had played with my pets. The one of the most interesting game we played is " Police and Thief". I'm as the thief, hide some where. My pet stuffy as the police try to find me by smelling my foot smell. Finally its find me.

If I ready to get out of my home my pets faces are become sad. when I returned to home they show their happiness by jumped around me and kissing me. I love my pets very much. They also love me. The time with my pets gives an unlimited happiness to me.