Submit Press Release and Get Optimum Visibility, say, experts at PR4links

Originally designed as a communication tool used by public relations firms to communicate with the media, press releases are now used as a direct tool to reach out to the consumer. These are a great tool to distribute content to the media and customers alike. It’s reported that almost half of all internet users visit an online news site atleast once in a given month. But not every press release makes it to that absolute haven of news sites- ‘Yahoo! News’. ‘All I’ve got to do is submit press release…and lo and behold… my site’s going to be flooded with traffic’-If that’s your approach to a press release …read further to know what constitutes a good press release?

“A good press release is all about content that’s worth reading!” says, Mr. Elwinston of PR4Links, a news wire site that offers press release services. “The press release should be newsworthy and focus on a specific topic. Focusing too much on keywords or saturating the content with too much information is sure to drive readers and news search engines away from your press release. The news should give the reader an opportunity to use the information that’s provided. A mere announcement of information isn’t enough. It’s important to use keywords effectively as well. The most important keywords should be near the top of the document, and arranged according to their importance, as in the most important keyword comes first.” he adds.

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