Slovenia Estate Agents - Points To Consider When Choosing One

Slovenia has emerged as one of the world’s top overseas property destinations. The forecast growth is of 280% in the next 10 years and it has recently been voted one of the top ten overseas property investment destinations. To maximize your gains in Slovenia property you of course need a Slovenia based estate agent.

There many Slovenian Estate agents to choose from and here we will look at some main points to consider when for choosing one.

1. Go direct

There numerous middlemen dealing in property for sale in Slovenia; however most are not regulated under Slovenian law. Make sure you get the best service by only dealing with a local, licensed, and registered estate agent. This ensures they are regulated by a strict set of rules, which ensures that you will receive the best service when buying your Slovenian property.

2. Local Knowledge

Many middlemen are biased toward selling their own properties and of course these may not be the ideal ones for you. Find a Slovenian estate agent that knows the areas they sell property in so that they are familiar with all the local pros and cons and has your best interests at heart.

3. You’re Objectives

Are you buying for capital gains or rental income – or maybe you’re looking for a combination? If so decide before you buy and make it clear to your estate agent what your investment aims are. Find an estate agent that will understand and match your aims with the right property who you feel comfortable with.

You should also check out the destination you are buying in personally.
Go there and get a feel for the area and what its like. You will find out a lot more from a visit, than you will from someone else or simply reading info on the area. It’s a rule of overseas property investment; it applies to Slovenia property just as it does any other – See the property and feel the area.

4. Finance & Buying

Will take around 4 weeks to complete and the main points to consider are outlined below.

On any property you wish to purchase, a 10% deposit will be required which if the seller decides not to proceed (for any reason whatsoever) will be returned to you - but doubled. If you decide not to proceed, the seller of the property will keep the 10% deposit.

Mortgages are now available to foreign nationals from banks and they will normally they will go up to 70% of the property value. A plus point for property investors is that the mortgage is secured on your property in Slovenia not on your residences elsewhere.

When you wish to buy you will need to show your passport.

You will then need a tax number as well as an EMSO number, which are required to complete a property purchase. To get them is quick and should only take about a week.

Make sure you use a local Lawyer to check all paperwork, ownership details and contracts.

Ask your banks for their currency rates and go to specialist currency conversion companies. There are big differences in transaction rates and they mount up and can make a big difference to your purchase price.

You should open a bank account locally. Bank accounts can be set up on the same day and only a passport is needed as proof of ID.


Take time to find the right Slovenia estate agent sand you will find that they can not only safe you time and money but their local knowledge can also help you maximize your investment.

By: kelly Price

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