How To Buy A Foreclosure Home

Anyone can buy a foreclosure home with some knowledge and sound finances. But before you do so, you need to know that you are actually purchasing a home from someone who can no longer afford to live there. Foreclosures are not easy to find but once you have the resource and know-how, you can even profit from them if you buy a foreclosure home just so as to resell rather than staying there.

Here are some simple steps to buy a foreclosure home.

1. Be mentally prepared that the property was seized from the previous home owner for defaulting on the mortgage payment. In other words, there are legal steps to be taken which would be different in each state.

2. Assess if making an offer is worthwhile. Normally, the banks would like to recover partial if not all of their loans. Because of this, they are often willing to off load the property at up to 30% off its value.

3. Find an experienced foreclosure agent. It is hard, though not impossible; to negotiate directly with sellers without any qualified representation such as a property agent.

4. Conduct a search and browse through major property magazines, newspapers and classified ads online and offline. Call up the property lenders, government agencies such as Fannie Mae, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and so on for foreclosure homes to purchase. A check through public records such as the local county clerk’s office for foreclosure notices would be helpful.

5. Inspect the property. Check the surroundings as well as the property itself. You would be pleasantly surprised to note that many of these homes are in good condition.

6. Send your agent to do a study on the fair value of houses within the neighbourhood before you buy a foreclosure home. You want to be sure that the price you are paying indeed enjoys a significant discount.

7. Make sure you check your credit report and ensure all your personal details are properly updated. This is also the time when you also confirm your finances are sound and you can qualify for a mortgage application.

8. Your agent should contact the listing broker and represent you in making an offer to buy a foreclosure home.

9. Verify if the foreclosed property is clear of its liens. These can include outstanding property taxes, utility and conservancy bills and so on. Check out who is liable for the payment.

10. Arrange for an inspection of the house should you have the permission from the seller. Be prepared to bear the cost even if this inspection is part of the sales agreement.

11. There are different forms to fill and paperwork to handle when you buy a foreclosure home. This is understandable as it is not like any normal house you are purchasing.

These are the 11 tips that can get you started to buy a foreclosure home. Check out my property site for more details on the exact steps to do so.

By: Davion W

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