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Through Its Exclusive Magazine And Website, Wholesale Investor Has Uncovered Growth

hrough its exclusive magazine and website, Wholesale Investor has uncovered growth opportunities in certain industries. Internet-based companies, Health Care, Mining, Green Technology, Finance, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Agriculture and Real Estate have proven to be areas where Wholesale Investor has had success connecting investors to Private and Small Cap ASX listed companies.

For investors, Wholesale Investor currently lists more than 90 offerings totaling more than $400 million in investment opportunities. Wholesale was founded to present a single media platform where companies with growth potential can connect with investors.

Data gathered by Wholesale Investors highlights that investors on average look at between 5 to 30 investment opportunities per month. Meanwhile, the number of private businesses needing private investment has never been higher.

They are patient and persistent about finding the right deals for them. Deals which they can toll up their sleeves• and add value to via their own knowledge and skill set or their business networks.

Companies seeking investment capital have discovered many benefits to attracting the right professional and private investors. Often they have the ability and networks to take companies from startup right through to their planned exit. They can also provide guidance on how to avoid the common pitfalls that growth companies encounter.

Wholesale Investor provides these business owners with the platform to showcase their business to investors.

The company has done an admirable job in gaining the confidence of more than 10,900 high net worth, national and international investors. For businesses that seek strategic investors with valuable experience, Wholesale Investor is the place to be.

Growing businesses are encouraged to build a strong corporate profile and present this profile at Wholesale Investor events attended by investors, stockbrokers, fund managers and industry participants.

These investors bring more than money to the table.

One of the distinct advantages of these investors is their view of an exit strategy. Sophisticated Investors are often more realistic about the end game than conventional financers and are understanding of the challenges faced by growth companies.

If your business has growth potential, contact Wholesale Investor at the Sydney Office info@wholesaleinvestor.com.au or at the Melbourne location melbourne@wholesaleinvestor.com.au. Take the first step toward fulfilling your company potential.
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